What is Innerbody Meditation?


About Constance


The body is in the field of universal consciousness, yet at the same time paradoxically holds within it all of consciousness.  Innerbody Meditation stresses that we have to enter the inner energy body to go through and beyond it in order to live from our true divine nature.

Within the physical body is a vibrant, alive energy body of consciousness.  It is through Innerbody Meditation that we can enter the “seat of the soul”, which within it has a magnetic field. When we come from stillness and love, it attracts the positive spiritual energies and repels the negative.

The practices of Innerbody Meditation are sequenced in a specific way so as to bring the meditator to full inner body awareness and through that to a higher level of consciousness.  It also brings the meditator to a point where they no longer need techniques to live a life of Presence where the inner spiritual landscape of consciousness connects with the external world of mind formations and sense experience.  

When we live from a state of Presence, when we hold both the within and the without from a state of higher consciousness, we not only become a blessing to all we meet but experience what have been referred to as “miracles” in our life – sudden emotional healings such as the falling away of long held fears and resentments, increase in intuitive “knowing”, occurrences of synchronistic events, wonderful blessings, and opportunities that have never even entered our minds as possibilities.

Constance Kellough has an extensive background in teaching, facilitation, and speaking.  Over the past 19 years as Founder and Publisher at Namaste Publishing, she has introduced a wide range of spiritual books to the world. She brings to her own approach to Innerbody Meditation a 20-year background with three spiritual teachers: Eckhart Tolle, Barry Long (deceased) and Joel Goldsmith (deceased).

Of these three, her “root” teacher for Innerbody Meditation is Eckhart Tolle.

She met Eckhart in 1997 and at her invitation to him he led her and 8-10 others in Innerbody Meditation for over a year. This “sacred sitting”, which she calls it, started well before Eckhart asked her to be his publisher. Constance agreed and the result is that The Power of Now, Stillness Speaks, and A New Earth came into being and spread widely across our planet.  

While she credits Eckhart Tolle with being her first and most powerful teacher in Innerbody Meditation, through Barry Long she learned how to fully explore the inner body, activate specific energy centers of consciousness within the body, and what certain experiences in doing so meant.  

Through experience she knows – and is now teaching -  that it is only by entering the inner energy body that you can go beyond its confines to a state of still peace, to experience the Presence of God within you – as you!!  

In addition, Joel Goldsmith, her most recent teacher who was recommended by Eckhart Tolle, made her aware of the importance of listening in silence for the guidance that comes out of stillness and of the healing power for others released when connecting with Presence through inner body experience.