Is There a Difference Between Mindfulness & Meditation?

More and more these days – and understandably so because of our fast-paced, unpredictable, and threatening times – we are hearing people talk of Mindfulness and Meditation. Sometimes they are used alone in a context and at other times synonymously.

The need for Mindfulness is a result of the compulsive thinking mind which, try as we may, is not easily tamed.  How often we wish we could control our thinking or just turn it off. 

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Meditation Is the Way – The Way from Conflict to Peace

For many it has become evident that the only way the world will come together in harmony is through the world-wide practice of meditation.

Through meditation, people come to realize the animating life force within, Presence.  This Presence is not personal but universal to all sentient beings.  One cannot claim to own Presence.  One cannot say, “My” Presence and “Your” Presence.  There is just One Presence.

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Expanding Our Understanding of Love

There are many different meditation practices originating from various spiritual and secular traditions.  Most, however, stress the importance of quieting the compulsive thinking mind, which wanders on average 50 times in 5 minutes.  This on-going thinking-  often unsettling, non- productive and not related to what we are experiencing in the present moment- usually emanates from some level of egoic fear and pulls us into the past or the future. 

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Nature and Our Body Show the Way

This morning I opened an email with an attachment of a fairly recent TED talk delivered by Suzanne Simard, a Professor in the Forestry Department at the University of British Columbia.  In it she shared her research proving that trees actually “talk” to one another. Essentially, trees have an underground network by which they share nutrients and look after one another – not compete with each other.  

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Meditation is Good Medicine

“The affairs of the world will go on forever.  Do not delay the practice of meditation" -Milarepa

All spiritual traditions:  Sufism, those based on the Jewish Kabbalah as well as Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic and Taoist emphasize a practice of meditation, each one unique to its tradition.
Inner Body Meditation (IBM) is inclusive of all spiritual traditions. This inclusiveness encompasses those who practice a specific religion, those who don’t, but consider themselves to be spiritual none-the-less, and also those who have never opened to the spiritual dimension in their lives.

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Chakra Purification Process

Taken from: Health – It’s All About Consciousness
by Ivan Rados and published by Namaste Publishing

For this Process, our breathing willbe deep and full, breathing from the belly to the top of the rib cage. As we chant the sounds, we should open up to both the resonance of the voice and the vibration in the body where the particular chakra spins.  It is suggested that you remain in silence for a minute or two between the toning for each chakra.

Following is the list of seed sounds that access the elemental qualities of each chakra.

LAM for the Root Chakra

Curve the tip of your tongue up and back, placing it on the rear section of the upper palate to pronounce a sound like the word “alum”, without the initial “a”.

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Divine Order

We cannot remind ourselves often enough that everything is in divine order despite the personal challenging life events we may be experiencing, despite the on-going cruelty to so many humans and the seemingly ever-present threat of more to come.

The acknowledgement and acceptance that there is a divinity in charge of our evolution who is aware of the complete picture requires a healthy degree of surrender and trust. We, in our limited human consciousness cannot see the whole picture.

There is a Zen story which illustrates this point:

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