Divine Order

We cannot remind ourselves often enough that everything is in divine order despite the personal challenging life events we may be experiencing, despite the on-going cruelty to so many humans and the seemingly ever-present threat of more to come.

The acknowledgement and acceptance that there is a divinity in charge of our evolution who is aware of the complete picture requires a healthy degree of surrender and trust. We, in our limited human consciousness cannot see the whole picture.

There is a Zen story which illustrates this point:


There was a village elder who was well respected in his community and envied because he had a prize stallion – one so grand the villagers had never seen the likes of it.  They would visit him and say, “Oh, how happy and blessed you are to have such a prized stallion!”

The old villager answered, “Maybe yes.  Maybe no.”

One day his stallion ran away.  All the villagers came to his abode and said, “Oh, how terribly sad you must be that you lost your prized stallion.  How terrible.

The villager answered, “Maybe yes. Maybe no.”

Two weeks later, his stallion returned bringing with him another fine stallion.

The villagers all came to his home and said, “How happy and blessed you are.  You once had one grand stallion, but now you have two.”

The villager responded, “Maybe yes, Maybe no.”

His one and only son took to trying to train the new stallion but was thrown from him and broke his leg, resulting in him having to be bedridden while his leg healed.

Once again the villagers came en mass, saying how terrible it is that his only son got his leg broken and can’t help around the farm anymore.

To which the villager answered, “Maybe yes.  Maybe no.”

Several days later a battalion of rebels came through the village recruiting every able body man to join in the nearby war.  Because the son was bedridden he was not able to join up.

Upon hearing this the villagers once again gathered and went to the elder’s home.

“Oh, how happy you must be. What good fortune.  Because your son broke his leg and could not be conscripted into the fighting army, he has been spared and you still have him.

The wise villager responded once again, “Maybe yes.  Maybe no.”


I am confident all of us have experienced times when something seemingly “bad” happened to us, yet years later, as we are able to look into the rear mirror so to speak, we see it was for our higher good.

We are challenged to look beyond appearances and see that underneath them is the reality of peace and harmony and wholeness.

Indeed, this is challenging to do, but when we abandon ourselves to trusting that all is for the good, all is for assisting human evolution by prodding us to grow in higher consciousness, things just naturally “lighten up” for us.

A person once asked Eckhart Tolle, “Eckhart, what is the one experience that will most readily bring us to a state of enlightenment?"  Eckhart answered, “The one you are having right now."