Meditation is Good Medicine

“The affairs of the world will go on forever.  Do not delay the practice of meditation" -Milarepa

All spiritual traditions:  Sufism, those based on the Jewish Kabbalah as well as Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic and Taoist emphasize a practice of meditation, each one unique to its tradition.
Innerbody Meditation (IM) is inclusive of all spiritual traditions. This inclusiveness encompasses those who practice a specific religion, those who don’t, but consider themselves to be spiritual none-the-less, and also those who have never opened to the spiritual dimension in their lives.

The practice of meditation goes back to the 12th century. “Meditation” comes from the Latin roots MEDERI(to heal) and MEDICUS (physician).  So “physician heal thyself” through meditation.

In Innerbody Meditation, we take the responsibility of healing ourselves at the root level, that being the spiritual.

How can one heal one’s spirit by entering, bringing to life, and exploring the inner energy body?

Until we notice it, give it our attention, enter into it, we cannot feel this refined and higher vibrational energy of consciousness itself.  The inner energy body awakens when we give it our attention. Indeed, it loves our attention. Every cell becomes more alive.  It’s as if our inner body starts to sing, as it were.

When we inhabit the body with our attention, we activate the consciousness that is already in the body.   The aliveness within the inner body has always been there. Just as we may never or rarely have noticed the space around things, we may not or rarely have noticed the energy we have inside our body.  As we practice IM,  we raise the consciousness housed in our body.  

We may ask, “If I have a problem with my lungs or one of my other organs, can it be healed through IM?” Yes.  But we must not enter meditation with this intention or an expectation of this happening.

All we can do is raise our consciousness. Then we may rest assured that consciousness or the God-Life within us will do what is needed.

Innerbody Meditation helps us get ourselves “right”, meaning to come into the realization of our true divine nature and the power of love we have within us. Then not only identification with the false egoic self starts to drop away but along with it its elements such as tension, fears, judgments, limiting conditioned concepts, negative thoughts and so on which are toxic to the body.  So what we need to do is to get ourselves right by endeavoring to become more conscious, loving human beings. Then, if we are meant to be healed of some ailment, the consciousness within the vehicle of the body will heal itself.

"You can heal anything by getting yourself right – if it is to be" - Barry Long. Some things are not meant to be.  We all have to experience challenges, undergo restrictions. All forms, including the body, will have to die some day.

We can’t expect to heal ourselves because that would be to have an expectation of Life, of God that we in our limited human capacity cannot have.  While still in the body, we will never be able to see the whole and discern God’s divine loving plan for us as individuals and humanity as a whole.

IM emphasizes activating and being the “experiencer” of the refined vibrational energies within our bodies. By doing this we are more easily able to go beyond thought – and then even sensation – to that state of pure Being, which is characterized by a profound yet active stillness. In such a state we experience the love and peace we truly are.