Nature and Our Body Show the Way

This morning I opened an email with an attachment of a fairly recent TED talk delivered by Suzanne Simard, a Professor in the Forestry Department at the University of British Columbia.  In it she shared her research proving that trees actually “talk” to one another. Essentially, trees have an underground network by which they share nutrients and look after one another – not compete with each other.  

There are “Mother” trees that look out underground for their own “offspring” and give them special attention needed for their care and growth, as in human families.  The pictures and findings were fascinating – and hit close to home in more than one way since I live very near Pacific Spirit Park where most of the pictures were taken and assume where the research was conducted.  Indeed, I walk through it regularly.  I will never see that beautiful forest the same way again.  I will now be walking through it with added appreciation and affection.  

There are a variety of mushrooms growing in this forest, and now I know that they too live from a place of support, in this case important molds are sent to the trees from them.  We see only the colorful and often funny-looking shoots and tops of mushrooms, but like the trees, beneath them is a network of roots which shares its sustenance with its tree brothers.  Having just written this, what has come to mind is the theme song from one of the movies on Saint Francis of Assisi: “Brother Sun, Sister Moon.”  Pause and think now how these cooperate with each other for our benefit.


Many of us receive emails with pictures attached of animal families being overtly protective, loving and cooperating with each other. Other pictures of animals show us how two varied species come together as if there were no differences between them at all.  The bear holding a bird on its paw, a cat riding shotgun on a big Labrador, a turtle escorting a squirrel on its back as it crosses slowly over a river.  These can’t help but bring a smile to our faces.  We are deeply touched.  

Viscerally, we feel a warmth and welcoming of togetherness of those within a species and those between different species.  Has it always been like this? Is it that we have just not had the technology to capture such instances and share them visually in almost a nanosecond?  I like to muse that it is a sign that the animal kingdom is evolving into a more non-defensive, cooperative, and supportive order.  If so, we have a lot of catching up to do.

If the lion can lie down with the lamb, is this not a harbinger of humans soon following?


Moving on now to one of my favorite topics: the human body.  Within the human body there are 70 trillion cells, each intent on cooperating with each other.  Even though there are many different kinds of cells, they act as one: change one cell and in some way we change them all.  Just stop and take in the degree of mutual support there is between our heart and lungs!  Cut a finger, and the alarm bell goes out throughout the body to send more oxygen to the finger through increased blood flow.

We all marvel at the intelligence that runs the body.  Beyond awesome, really. But few of us are fully aware of the power of omniscience and omnipotence we hold within our bodies.  This is what a dedicated and full practice of Innerbody Meditation makes us aware of – through our very own inner experience.

We have evolved into this form, this body because it is the perfect vehicle for us to continue to evolve, to continue to grow in consciousness and act from the awareness of essential Divine Being.

Demonstration or manifestation is the effect of our awareness of God’s presence in us – working through us as us. 

We are God in expression.