Innerbody Meditation Training: 2 Hour Introductory Course Outline

"Reconnect to Life Through Your Body"


  • What Innerbody Meditation (IM) is and how it may differ from other forms of meditation
  • Why meditate? The benefits and power of meditation in general and more specifically of IM – especially in a group

Practice: Introductory Guided Meditation

  • Preparing to meditate by stilling the body
  • The role the breath plays
  • Finding and coming from our natural breath
  • What is stillness?
  • Being “the watcher” from a place of stillness

Practice: Entering the Energy Body

  • What is tension?  
  • Letting go of tension in the body
  • The role and importance of the stomach in Innerbody Meditation
  • What to do when thoughts try to interfere with our stillness
  • Experiencing what Presence is followed by a reinforcing exercise


Innerbody Meditation Training: 1 Day Course Outlines


“Igniting the Consciousness Within the Body”


This is for both first time meditators, those who have periodically practiced meditation, and those who have not practiced Innerbody Meditation or if they have, want to go deeper into the practice.  The group will cover some or all of this during the day, depending on a number of factors.


Many forms of meditation.  Why do we meditate?  Benefits.  

Q. What is Innerbody Meditation (IM)? How does it differ from other forms of meditation?

The purpose and main benefits of IM.

Why meditation in a group with a live teacher is so powerful.

Q. What is Natural Breathing?

Activity: Natural Breathing Practice.

Q. What is Conscious Breathing?

Activity: Conscious Breathing Practice.

Activity: Setting Up to Enter IM

Guided Practice: Entering the Innerbody.  Followed by debriefing of participants’ experiences.

Q. What is stillness?

Practice: Moving from sound to silence into stillness.

The 5 Gateways into the NOW and explanation of how IM uses every one of them.

Activity:  Entering into Full Innerbody Meditation.

Important full Debriefing ofparticipants’ experiences.  Facilitator to provide explanations and further information on such.  

What to do when thoughts try to interfere with our stillness?

Our 5 Inner Senses and how they differ from our 5 Outer Senses.

Activity: In subgroups discuss the difference between thinking and awareness.  Subgroups report back and facilitator makes any additions.


Q. What is tension and how do we let it go during IM?

Q. What is Presence?

Exercise: Practice 1: Coming from Presence in conversation with one other person.

Q. What is the Pain-body?  

Participants’ experiences and challenges with the Pain-body.  

How to rid ourselves of the pain-body and how IM is one of the powerful aids in doing this.

Activity:  Guided Meditation 2 into full Innerbody awareness.   Facilitator to continue to augment this process.


Activity: Coming from Presence while listening and speaking Level 2.



“Igniting the Consciousness Within the Subtle Energy Body”


This is for people who have taken the INTRODUCTORY LEVEL.  It is possible to do the INTRODUCTORY LEVEL one day and the INTERMEDIATE LEVEL the following day.


Group Activity: Debriefing of the individualexperiences of practicing Innerbody meditation followed by a Q & A.

Guided full Innerbody meditation practice.  

Revisiting the experience of the movement of silence to stillness.

Q. What is sound?

How sound can be used to activate more powerfully the consciousness within the body.

Activity: Practice listening to sound as coming from within the body.  

The wisdom and power of the physical heart.

The increased power of consciousness within the subtle energy body.

Teaching on the 7 major chakras.

Activity: Activating the subtle energy body by guided listening while facilitator tones to group.

Activity: Activating and balancing the chakras through group toning.


Activity: Humming Ode to Joy from the inner energy body.

Service: Why higher consciousness/awareness often leads to service to others.

Group Activity: Discussion.  If we already know how we may best serve at this time, how did we come to this realization? If not, what can assist us in doing so?

Facilitator’s presentation on service.

Q. Once we have committed to serve others, how will our life predictably change?

Home Exercise: drawing your lifeline.  Participants will be provided with a list of questions to help them interpret their life line and through that become clearer on what their service purpose may be.

Facilitator’s sharing.

Activity:  Listening from Presence to stories regarding service.







“Going Beyond Inner Body Sensation into the State of Eternal Being We Are”


This is for individuals who have taken the INTRODUCTORYand INTERMEDIATE Levels to INNERBODY MEDITATION and who have practiced daily inner body meditation for at least one month.


Activity: Full body meditation practice with the augmentation of adding the expansion of “light” and “space”, with the emphasis of going beyond technique.   

How the chakra and endocrine systems interrelate.

The endocrine system and the endocrine glands.

The importance of all the endocrine glands, especially the pituitary and pineal Glands.

The amazing power and mystery about the pineal gland.

Activating our pituitary and pineal glands through our attention on the third eye.

Sound as healer.

Q. What are “pure” sounds?

The affect of pure sounds on our body and Soul/Being.

What is Toning?  

The benefits of Toning

Activity:  Group Toning


Activity: Group humming of song Alleluia, a song of thanksgiving and joy.

We can be of service by sharing with others how we can maintain our peace and stability during these current times of global destabilization, chaotic energies, and transition.

Group Activity: How can we maintain our stability and peace during these current times of global destabilization, chaotic energies and rapid transition? Followed by group feedback, facilitator’s response and additional suggestions.

How silent prayer (meditation), community, and the practice of appreciation, gratitude, and joy will help to sustain and anchor us during these and near coming times.

Sound/Song: “Restoration” as an anchor during these times.




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