Constance Kellough, Meditation Teacher

Constance Kellough, Meditation Teacher

All of consciousness is held within the body, and Innerbody Meditation brings our awareness to this and our experience of it. 

“Inside your body is a shrine. Inside the shrine is the lotus flower. Inside the lotus flower is a tiny space. Inside that tiny space lives the Creator. Inside the Creator is the Universe. Find it, and you will be one with the Creator and all things. Be there, and all things and the Creator will be one with you.” - A passage from the UPANISHADS, the Sacred scriptures of India.


I teach Innerbody Meditation classes for corporate or community groups in Canada and the USA.

Current Events:

“Thank you, Constance! Wonderful series of meditations. So many great tips and inspirations. The toning, the depth of your teaching and experience is wonderful. I can’t imagine having another teacher. You are an inspiration and help in keeping me focused on my spiritual path.” - IM Participant, Advanced Level

"Thanks for sharing the 'How' of Now. Big up for the focus on whole breathing with focus on the belly.” - Don

"Dear Constance! Thank you very much for being a “conductor” to the light, to the Divine. You are very inspiring. Thanks for showing the “HOW”." - Olga

"Thank you, Constance (& Bizah) – a lovely experience. Thank you for the gift of your love and Presence. I’d love to continue. I hope to incorporate the Innerbody Meditation in my standing Horse Stance (tai-chi-gong), etc." - Rosemary

"Constance’s facilitation role-models the very presence, stillness, and joy her meditation practice offers – thank you, Constance!" - Karin


“To awaken means to awaken out of the self-talk in the head because the self-talk is a form of hypnosis – self hypnosis." - Eckhart Tolle