“Constance is an outstanding presenter and facilitator.  Her depth of knowledge and visionary wisdom is incomparable.  She informs, uplifts, and awakens – all while coming from her heart.  Her ability to connect with her audience seems magical. What a gift to us all!” - Shirley Spaxman, Vancouver, BC
"Dear Constance - I just wanted to let you know that the day after our IBM session, I seemed to be talking to people more than I have in months; maybe years.  Not about the meditation but just everything in general. I think the meditation has loosened something up in me, in a good way!  Maybe it was your presence….I just don’t know but I am much happier for it, so thanks again.  Just recently I have felt daunted by the navigation of the SFU on-line course I signed up for.  I just dreaded trying to figure it out.  I spent hours getting nowhere with it and was ready to quit.  However, today, I meditated for 25 mins. before I started another attempt, and it went quite well.  I surprised myself!  Blessings " - M.S.
"Being fairly new to the world of meditation I am extremely glad I attended the Introductory Level InnerBody Meditation course with Constance. Not only did I learn a powerful meditation technique but I also picked up some valuable knowledge I can use to lead a much happier life. The course was delivered in a gentle, authentic, and engaging manner that made it easy to follow and absorb. The workshop has truly made a large difference to my daily life. I will definitely be attending future workshops. Thanks!!"  - Paul
"Thanks for sharing the 'How' of Now. Big up for the focus on whole breathing with focus on the belly.” - Don
"Dear Constance!  Thank you very much for being a “conductor” to the light, to the Divine.  You are very inspiring.  Thanks for showing the “HOW”." - Olga
"Thank you, Constance (& Bizah) – a lovely experience. Thank you for the gift of your love and Presence.  I’d love to continue.  I hope to incorporate the Innerbody Meditation in my standing Horse Stance (tai-chi-gong), etc." - Rosemary
"Constance’s facilitation role-models the very presence, stillness, and joy her meditation practice offers – thank you, Constance!" - Karin