What Participants Are Saying About Innerbody Meditaion:

I have now attended two meditation workshops delivered by Constance and the effect of both have been profound and empowering. She has an incredible energy about her and a gentle and graceful method of delivering information that could be potentially confusing in the most easy to understand of ways. She exudes deep knowledge, clarity and wisdom and imparts it in the most humbling and modest style that leaves you wanting more. Her step by step process to guide you to be able to take yourself through an inner body meditation is incredible. I’d highly recommend anyone curious about meditation, as well as those with an accomplished meditation practice, to join her and experience her mastery.
— Louise
Constance is an outstanding presenter and facilitator. Her depth of knowledge and visionary wisdom is incomparable. She informs, uplifts, and awakens – all while coming from her heart. Her ability to connect with her audience seems magical. What a gift to us all!
— Shirley Spaxman, Vancouver BC
Dear Constance - I just wanted to let you know that the day after our IBM session, I seemed to be talking to people more than I have in months; maybe years. Not about the meditation but just everything in general. I think the meditation has loosened something up in me, in a good way! Maybe it was your presence….I just don’t know but I am much happier for it, so thanks again. Just recently I have felt daunted by the navigation of the SFU on-line course I signed up for. I just dreaded trying to figure it out. I spent hours getting nowhere with it and was ready to quit. However, today, I meditated for 25 mins. before I started another attempt, and it went quite well. I surprised myself! Blessings
— M.S.
Being fairly new to the world of meditation I am extremely glad I attended the Introductory Level InnerBody Meditation course with Constance. Not only did I learn a powerful meditation technique but I also picked up some valuable knowledge I can use to lead a much happier life. The course was delivered in a gentle, authentic, and engaging manner that made it easy to follow and absorb. The workshop has truly made a large difference to my daily life. I will definitely be attending future workshops. Thanks!!
— Paul
Thanks for sharing the ‘How’ of Now. Big up for the focus on whole breathing with focus on the belly.
— Don
Dear Constance! Thank you very much for being a “conductor” to the light, to the Divine. You are very inspiring. Thanks for showing the “HOW”
— Olga
Thank you, Constance (& Bizah) – a lovely experience. Thank you for the gift of your love and Presence. I’d love to continue. I hope to incorporate the Innerbody Meditation in my standing Horse Stance (tai-chi-gong), etc.
— Rosemary
Constance’s facilitation role-models the very presence, stillness, and joy her meditation practice offers – thank you, Constance!
— Karin
“Thank you, Constance! Wonderful series of meditations. So many great tips and inspirations. The toning, the depth of your teaching and experience is wonderful. I can’t imagine having another teacher. You are an inspiration and help in keeping me focused on my spiritual path.
— IM Participant, Advanced Level
Feeling Source breathe through me for the first time ever, and the expansion and space between the cells. Sometimes my entire body senses a magnetic beam from tailbone to head – a force so magical. The more I do Innerbody Meditation, the less pain my body has experienced.
Innerbody Meditation is a gentle practice that has brought me to peace and clarity. It is an enjoyable way to nurture myself and be present in my life. Gift yourself with this experience.
What a wonderful experience to learn from you. Thank you for your guidance, insight and clarity.

Innerbody meditation and your teachings are integrating into my life with ease. I like you also believe in absolute free will, is there really anything else? It was extremely significant at the time for me to hear that from you.

I am to trust the light that exists within my own heart. If we can’t trust that well then what’s the point?

I’m excited to share Innerbody Meditation and your teachings. Your love and support has already cleared the way for myself and I’m sure many others that are on the path of service.”
I am so charged about inner body meditation! Consciousness comes through so much more and easily in many forms and vibrancies and tones!”
I am a Vibrational being. Now with a lot of work clearing and peeling the layers of the ego, now at a time I am learning the art to allowing That which has always been there. So thank you so much Constance! Love. Love. Love.
I cannot Thank You enough for the experience you created for me yesterday. You are a woman of pure Grace and Love. I feel honoured to have been in your presence. Thank You for showing me the way to Consciousness. I am forever grateful.
— A.C.
I came into inner body meditation level 2, knowing that I am one with the universe but Constance has now taught me to truly feel that I am everything and anything. I love learning about vibrations and light.
My time spent in your class has bee life changing. So many things in life make sense. Thank you.
— B.F.
Inner body meditation has been a way in , a way back, and a way out, depending on the what is needed in this present moment. It has helped me find my own inner stillness, and provided the opportunity to recognize my voice, my truth. My love is more abundant, gratitude endless.
— C.R.